Why I Quit The Gym & You Probably Should Too

Around new year 2017 I fabricated a pledge: To abdicate the gym and get fit.

I apperceive this sounds like a hardly odd astern new years resolution, but for about 5 years I had been a committed gymphile (not abiding that’s a chat but there you go). My anatomy hadn’t afflicted radically except for hardly bigger arm analogue and on breach hardly bigger pecs. But for the accomplishment I was putting in, not to acknowledgment the money, it wasn’t absolutely account the acknowledgment on investment.

And what’s happened aback I’ve abdicate the gym? Well, I’ve bashed a lot of beer, eaten a lot of cheese and done some absolute bisected assed exercise regimes.

The result. I’m about the aforementioned as I was if I was traveling to the gym.

The acknowledgment from abounding gym go-ers will assuredly be, able-bodied you weren’t putting abundant accomplishment in at the gym or abroad you’ve been absolutely acceptable with your cocky motivation.

Neither of those statements are true.

I acclimated to go to the gym three times a anniversary and put in an hour at a time – alive harder on anniversary set and authoritative abiding every minute in there was put to acceptable use. I absolved out of the gym decrepit with diaphoresis every time I went. Literally. Every. Time.

So my cocky action column gym has been good? Well. I acclimated to run home from plan on a account base (about a 5 mile run). Aside from that and some runs about the park. That’s it.

So why do I anticipate you should abdicate the gym?

First of all, if you’re one of those humans who does about 2 hours, 4 times a anniversary in the gym and posts selfies on Instagram of you in gym accessory – this does not apply.

If you’re one of those humans who goes for the amusing and seems to apperceive anybody in the abode and is abounding of tips and stuff… Apparently doesn’t administer to you either.

I’m talking to the added 90% of the citizenry – the humans who go because they feel like they should. The humans who if they get to the gym just go through the motions and do a few sets of this or that, or worse still just SIT on an exercise bike.

You’ve apparently been sat at a board all day bistro block and you’re watching the calories beat up on the agenda display, cat-and-mouse til it gets to the aforementioned bulk as that Krispy Kreme so you can go home.

Or, you’ve got to lose a rock so you can go on that bank holiday/get in that marriage dress/eat added block on your birthday.

Or you saw a photo of Kate Middleton in a bikini on anniversary about alluring afresh and absitively you abhorrence your baggy physique and you absolutely should do something about it.

Don’t get me amiss these are all blue-blooded affidavit to get appliance – and exercise you absolutely should. But in the gym? Not necessarily.

The gym is fabricated for those physique sculptors – the humans who accept absolute exercise regimes and programs and accept an end goal. And they will get to that end ambition because, well, that’s what they absolutely absolutely want. If they’re not in the gym they’re planning their next appointment to the gym and ACTUALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO IT.

Is that you? If it isn’t do yourself a favour and abolish your gym associates now.

What do I do now then?

Cancelled it? Saving yourself £60 a ages already? Go you! Accept a doughnut.

I’m badinage don’t accept a doughnut, that’s a abhorrent idea.


First things aboriginal – it’s your diet. Abhorrence to breach it to you but that’s apparently why you’re a bit baggy about the edges. If it comes in a packet and has capacity that you don’t absolutely accept – abstain it. If it claims angrily on the awning to be arranged abounding of minerals and vitamins and to accomplish you at atomic 6 times added adorable to the adverse sex – abstain it. Those ‘healthy’ breakfast confined and cereals or those low fat thingumyjigs. Swerve it.

So what to eat? Eat accustomed food. And not endless of it either.

Also alcohol water. Don’t go crazy, 2 litres is the recommended bulk – about 4 pints of water.

But, you apperceive if you’re thirsty? Accept some water.


When you’re demography in appropriate ammunition for your physique and not pumping it abounding of additives, you will not accept to plan so harder to action it. This makes the exercise bit almost easy.

My accepted was this.

Every day I’d airing to the abutting tube station, which is about a fifteen minute airing away. I’d again get to my absolute desk work, get to cafeteria and again on my 45 minute cafeteria breach I would airing as abundant as possible. Some canicule that was 5 or 10 minutes. Added canicule it was my accomplished cafeteria break. And again if I got home I’d either airing aback home or I’d go for a run.

Total alive time circadian was about 1 hour 30 or more.

To amp up any exercise administration it is generally a acceptable abstraction to accept fun while you’re accomplishing it.

I’ve afresh apparent parkour. Yes, parkour is acclaimed for the humans accomplishing backflips and jumping beyond roofs but at it’s foundations it is artlessly a way to get from a to b in a hardly added absorbing way. I’ll be honest, I’m not backflipping or rolling yet, but what I am accomplishing is jumping assimilate things, affairs myself up walls or copse or accomplishing columnist ups and sit ups in the park.

Basically, I’m accomplishing attrition exercise. Trying to use my physique for the things it was meant to be acclimated for – climbing, jumping, lifting. But… After paying a ample account fee to do so.

Ways to get chargeless exercise

There are affluence of means you can exercise and not pay a penny. Parkour, for me, is a acceptable one as it actually involves active alfresco and if I get to a bank I jump on and off it for a bit. Or if I see a timberline or a fence I ascend or basement it.

If you reside in the country – or a abate city-limits nearer the country – acceptable for you. You can apparently run up hills, ascend trees, bathe in the sea or a river and so all kinds of chargeless things.

In the big city-limits it can be harder.

Running is a acceptable alpha but some humans acquisition this can appulse on their joints, abnormally after able balmy ups.

The simplest one is walking. Just airing as abundant as possible, as fast as accessible and do it every day. Supplement it with some exercise outdoors and if you can do maybe ten or twenty sit ups and columnist ups too, you’ll acquisition some acceptable results.

Taking up a action is apparently the best way to break in shape. Football, volleyball, dodgeball, cycling, tennis, yoga, pilates, swimming, gymnastics, adumbrate the sausage… OK maybe not adumbrate the sausage, but basically annihilation that keeps you affective and accepting fun.

Actually yeah maybe adumbrate the sausage.

However you do it, get some exercise and crucially, don’t do it at the gym. Unless you NEED a weights arbor to carve those bound buns of yours, you’re alone crumbling your money.

Am I talking absolute rubbish? Well, put me appropriate in the comments area below…

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